PocketPOS™ P200 Mobile Payment Printer 
Blue Bamboo PocketPOS™ P200 mobile payment printer: designed for secure and compact portability, the P200 mobile payment printer is ideal for mobile sales and service merchants where payment needs to be accepted anytime, anywhere. The P200 is the first full- featured mobile payment printer that pairs with most mobile devices (including Apple devices) via cable or Bluetooth.
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H50 Advantage Terminal – Superior and affordable
The exceptional values of the Blue Bamboo H50 Advantage terminal include its wide range of communication options, small ergonomic design and support for multiple application.
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PocketPOS™ P25 Printer – Wireless and Portable
The PocketPOS™ P25 printer from Blue Bamboo is the perfect printer for most portable and wireless applications. It is compact, light and above all, cost- effective.
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CT100 Terminal- Contactless and Flexible
Designed for many types of contactless applications, the lightweight and portable CT100 works well as either a handheld, counter or pole-mounted device in both mobile and fixed environments. It is ideal for a wide range of NFC applications, such as mass transit, prepaid/stored value, benefits, loyalty and mobile top-up.
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PocketPOS™ M5 Card Reader
The Blue Bamboo PocketPOS™ M5 Card Reader’s simple design makes payments possible anytime, anywhere. With an audio port communication connection, the PocketPOS™ M5 Card Reader allows merchants to transform their iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other mobile devices into a fully functional secure POS.
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M15 MSR Reader
M15 MSR reader, specifically designed to interface with card present payment applications for PC, terminal and laptop, enables field personnel to use their mobile computers to process purchases and perform other transactions.
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